A local pioneer family; Mike and his wife Marcy are the ones responsible for the Village. They owned and operated it. It is one of Minaki’s oldest (New camps).

This has been influenced by the North Star, on a clear summer evening; it can be seen right across the river from the camp. Isn’t it amazing?

These are some of the retail services they offer on the site of North Star Village:

Bait and Tackle
Marine Gas
The cabins have 16 channel cable TV/VCR, coffee makers, toasters, linens, soaps and detergents, freezers and microwave ovens.

Rest assured every cabin has everything you need and are fully equipped. But have in mind that if you have a request, feel free to ask the staff, this is to ensure that all visitors will be comfortable as possible.

Our cabins also have a towel for the guest, but then some of the guest brings their own towels and their pillows too.

If you have some advices for our cabin, feel free to tell us, and we’ll do it for you.

Securing Camp with A New Gate System

Safety is a primary concern for all businesses. We must also think about it in our hunting and fishing camp. However, it isn’t always just human safety that we must think about. We must also consider the safety of our wildlife since we want to know that it is reserved for our visitors. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into securing our camp with a new gate system.

Safety Comes First

No PoachingWe do not allow our visitors to be in danger at any time if we are able to prevent it. We work to make it a great experience for them. The families that come here know that they can relax and enjoy the hunt. As ironic as it may seem, we strive to protect our wildlife from certain dangers as well. As a hunting and fishing camp, we are located in the middle of nowhere. Our remote location makes us a prime target for all types of crime, but the one we hate the idea of the most is poaching. Poachers often target us because animals come to our lake for water and we do not mess with them when hunting season is over with so that they will feel safe.

The Measures We Go Through

Game FencingOur hunting and fishing camp has a large portion of it fenced in. This includes the area that goes near the roads and all along the sides of our property. Animals can still access it through the far end of our property. This has been a good way to prevent poachers and others who want to do wrong, but a fence isn’t enough. We quickly discovered that we would also need a gate system which would allow guests to come in freely, but could prevent others from simply driving up. At first, we used just a standard gate, but a lot of our visitors were not happy about having to open it to drive into the camp, but we didn’t feel safe enough if we left it open during most hours.

Our Solution to Safety

As a way to keep unwanted guests out, we decided to upgrade our gate with a new sliding gate that locks. Our guests no longer have to get out of their car when they pull up to the gate. We wanted to solve this problem for our guests while keeping our camp safe from outsiders. We looked at video cameras and motion detectors, solar gate systems, electric gate openers, gates that would swing out and those that would roll to the side and out of the way. Thanks to a new gate track from drivewaygatesforsale.com; we found our ideal solution and so far, visitors love it. They enjoy knowing that they can simply pull up, put in their code, and wait on the gate to roll smoothly out of the way. Those guests may not realize that the gate is there for their safety, but we are glad that we upgraded this very important feature.

Bring the Family Along, Even Baby!

Family CampingThere are many families that enjoy being in the great outdoors together. They enjoy the quiet moments that are free from smart phones and other distractions. It is a space that they are able to focus on one another while they enjoy hunting, hiking, and more. However, there are some families that stop enjoying these times together the moment that they have a newborn in their lives. This is very sad and we want to encourage families to bring the family along, even baby!

Every Outdoor Activity

In Ontario, there are people who enjoy hunting big and small game. There are families that believe that hunting together will ensure that they stay together. We say that regardless of what type of outdoor activity you want to enjoy, you can find it in our cabins, our forests, and in the surrounding lakes. We have worked hard to ensure that every member of every family will find their haven with us, even if they do not enjoy the traditional hunting and fishing that most of our visitors enjoy.

Our Cabins are Waiting

Our cabins are designed to be comfortable for all who are in them. It does not matter to us whether you are visiting as a single person, a group of friends, newlyweds, or families, we have everything we need to provide for you to enjoy it all. This is because we want to ensure that family time can become special. If you are a part of a family that enjoys various activities, you will find a cozy reading area, a place to write letters or the novel you have always wanted to write, or large tubs for you to spend a lazy afternoon while your infant naps and your partner is hunting. Thanks to the fact that we provide comfortable mattresses for adults, young and older children, and infant areas that are 100% safe, you can rest easy, even when you come to our cabins to enjoy just being lazy. We provide it all so that when you show up, you can always feel as though you are in your home away from home. Our space can become your happy place.

What Are You Waiting For?

Camo Crib BedEveryone knows that Ontario offers outstanding hunting and fishing experiences. Now, with a little help from us, your entire family can enjoy more than hunting or fishing. We used the Baby Comfort Authority guide on the top mattress for Graco Pack N Play to ensure your littlest family members will be safe and comfortable. We used the reviews for other high-quality websites to find other types of mattresses. When we were looking for couches, chairs, and other items that will provide comfort, we did the same type of things. We focused on what we could do for families. We wanted to provide for every need that they could have while they were visiting us and so far; we have not had any complaints about our efforts.

Experience the Lodge-Outdoor Gathering Area

When it comes to hunting and fishing camps, everyone who wants to know that it is going to provide them with a quality experience that they will not soon forget. Part of this “total” experience will take place in the lodge. Therefore, we invite you to come visit us to experience the lodge-our outdoor gathering area that will give you plenty to enjoy.

A Typical Lodge

Monster BucksWhen you think of a lodge, you probably picture in your mind a space that has deer and moose heads attached to the walls, wooden chairs and tables, and other rugged, manly items. There are people who enjoy that sort of lodge, but we know that it can be made more enjoyable to others. It is part of the overall hunting and fishing experience to gather with others to eat meals, trade stories about past hunts, and to brag about the ones that got away. In our lodge, you will find plenty of people to talk about their woes and successes when it comes to hunting, fishing, or life in general.


The Total Lodge Experience

We feel that a lodge can be both indoors and out, that it can be comfortable for those that want to relax while they tell their tales and rugged for those that want to show they are truly wild souls and one that provides more. We have an indoor lodge area that features comfortable chairs and overstuffed lounges. It is a great meeting place for men to relax and visit with both old and new friends. We also have outdoor lodge area that is ideal for telling tales around the campfire, cooking your catch of the day on an outdoor grill, and listening to music thanks to Outdoor Speaker Supply’s guide to outdoor stereo receivers. In the outdoor space, there are picnic tables and tree stumps for you to kick back on. Most men do hang out in this area the most, but there are a few who prefer to be inside, especially on the colder days when they have already been on the hunt all day. This is why we have a fireplace inside for warmth.

Enjoy Our Lodges to the Fullest

Hunting GetawayAs a visitor to our hunting and fishing camp, you will have full access to our lodges and all that they offer. We encourage visitors to mingle with others in the camp to make new friends and spend time with those that they brought along. It ensures that everyone who visits will have a great time and that they can all create memorable experiences, even if the hunting or fishing wasn’t so great for them on that day. Even the people who bring their families along can enjoy a little visit with people that are new and interesting to talk to. On some evenings, some of the families may also choose to throw a little party and dance the night away, enjoying the fact that they have made some new friends. This is part of what people love about visiting us. It is all about the experiences and we help them have many different types.

Natural Hunting Scents

When people visit Ontario, Canada they often do it to take advantage of all the wildlife hunting they can find or they are there to see the animals in their natural habitat. That is why there are so many popular fishing and hunting places to visit. People go to hunt bear, deer, and much more, but there are still more people that go just to see the wonders of nature that are found in this part of the world. However, what most hunters may not consider is the fact that natural hunting scents are just as important as where they are hunting at.

Hunting in Canada

There are a lot of animals in Canada. There are elk hunts, deer hunts, wolf and coyotes that you can hunt, and even waterfowl. A lot of the animals are very large, and you can hunt them using guns or bows. You get to decide what type of hunting experience you want to have. It simply depends on when you show up and where you plan to be. From there, you can do anything that you want to do and enjoy catching some of the most impressive animals you can.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can still enjoy all that the area has to offer. There are birds and many critters that are not hunted, but enjoyed by the people who see them.

Why Scents Matter

Deer ScentAnimals can smell a person and they will stay away if they feel that they are in danger. This defeats the purpose of a hunting trip or a nature hike so that you can see animals as they live in the great outdoors. Even if you avoid wearing colognes or deodorants, your body will still put off an odor that wild animals can smell, even if they are a mile away. You cannot see wild life or catch them if they are constantly running away from you. Therefore, all people who want to venture into our hunting camp should use deer scent or some other type of scent that will mask their natural body odors, their laundry soap scents, and more.

Is Deer Scents Effective?

There are several different types of scent available. There are some that work better in certain areas and there are some that work in different climates. There are also the ones that smell like a male or female deer so that you can attract the deer. If you are not chasing after deer, you can find other types of sprays to mask your scent. All of these options are effective if you are using them in the right way. However, there are some people who say that much the same as a tea tree oil lotion recipe, you can also find deer scent recipes. There are some who talk about boiling tree leaves and bark together. You put it in a spray bottle and then spray it on your clothing. Pine needles can be carried in pockets and stuff. There are some people who say that hydrogen peroxide, unscented soap, and baking soda are the way to go when venturing out into nature.

Getting to Our Camp

When people want to escape from their everyday life, there is no better way to do it than a complete escape. That is why our camps are located out in the middle of the woods, much further than other camps would ever attempt to be. It is great for the people who want to experience the best of the great outdoors, but for some, it is also a little tricky to figure out how people get to our camp and make it for the entire time.

About Our Camp

We are a campground that is located far away from civilization. It is a place where people can escape their day-to-day lives. Cell phone reception, computers, the internet, work, family, and all other things are virtually nonexistent to our environment. We do it so that people can truly get away from it all. It works and most of our guests are glad that they came to see us. The hardest part of it, though, according to most, is getting to our camp. It does require a lot of hiking and with that, it is not for the weak souls.Our Camp

Prepare for an Adventure

GearWith our remote location, we do not have any shops around us. This means that you will not be able to go out for a soda or other essentials. Therefore, we recommend that before you leave the world you know behind, you pack up enough food and toiletries to last you for the entire time that you plan to stay with us. For most people, that means bringing enough along to last them for a week. It also means that you should plan to bring along your 12V cooler to keep in your vehicle for supplies that you not able to carry within your smaller, backpack cooler. However, we think that if you shop around and do your research, having the best backpack cooler will be enough to carry food for the week and bottles of water for approximately that length of time as well.

What to Bring with You?

RepelBeyond your backpack cooler and larger vehicle cooler, we recommend that you bring everything you might need when you visit us. This means that you should bring several bottles of water, snack items and food that you may want to eat on days that you are not able to catch your dinner. You should also bring along medications that you or others within your group may need as well as other comfort items such as bug repellent, a first aid kit, soaps, deodorants, and other personal hygiene items. It depends on how many items you feel are necessary as to how many backpacks and other bags you will need to carry along. With walking most everywhere, we do also recommend good shoes and clothing that is adequate for the temperatures when you do decide to pay us a visit. Hunting and fishing gear, tents and sleeping bags, etc. are also something you will have to bring since we will not provide you with those items.

Even though it is a chore to get to our camp, we feel that once you are here, you will never want to leave us. Most people who visit are repeat visitors and we cannot be happier about giving them a true escape from the real world.

About Our Cabins

Being out in the woods hunting for some means roughing it. However, others prefer that roughing it not be a literal term that means they live in a tent, especially during the cold Canadian winter months. For those who want time out in the woods, hunting when the mood strikes while still offering a place to relax and hang their hat, we have it available as well. Our cabins are designed to make you feel at home, no matter how far away from your personal reality you may be.

Enjoy Being Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Our cabins are located deep within the woods of Canada. You will wake up in the morning listening to the birds chirping outside. You will have the chance to eat breakfast while watching various wildlife playing in the yard nearby. You can step outside and take a look at a world that is filled with trees and sunlight. At night, you and your partner will be able to relax and unwind with the world back home unable to touch you if that is what you want to happen.

These cabins have enough room to house your entire hunting party, but they are also ideal as romantic getaways for you and your significant other. No one will bother you while you are here. You can do whatever you want to do, whether it is hunting the many bears in the area or simply spending a day in total relaxation.

You Can Call It Home

Our cabins have all the luxuries of a true home away from home. You can venture out into the wilds by day and hunt, then bring it to your cabin and prepare your feast. There are full kitchens, complete with plates and silverware. All that you have to provide is the food and drinks that you want to enjoy while staying with us.

CabinFeverWe provide sheets and blankets for your bed, regardless of how many rooms you choose to have. There are towels in the bathroom for you to enjoy after washing away the dirt from your day. We have comfortable seating areas, tables, televisions with free TV channels and more. When

It is all powered by us because we took the time to look through all of the portable generators reviews that we could find. We purchased only the best because when you visit us, we truly want for you to feel as though you are home. There is even internet access available for those people who want to be away from home, but not totally separated from reality and the people that they leave behind back home.

Our Promise to You

Whether you are with us for only a couple nights or you choose to stay for a couple weeks, we want our guests to be completely comfortable. We provide a quiet generator for camping and all the other things that make it feel like home. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your cabin, you should feel free to talk to us. We will try to do our best to make you feel more at home.

What To Bring On Your Hunt

HuntingVest-300x300As a hunting guide, one of the main questions I am asked is what others need to bring when they take a hunting trip with us. The short answer for this question is simple. Anything you feel that you will need when hunting with us. We provide you the space you need to hunt in if you are interested in having a successful trip in a new area that you are unfamiliar with. We provide the safety vest to ensure that everyone in the area has the same style and same colors on. Beyond that, you are on your own. Instead of having to have more people ask me what to bring on your hunt, I have come up with a list that I feel are necessities when it comes to hunting in this area.

The Bare Necessities

These necessities may vary depending on the type of hunting trip that you will be going on while with us. If you are hunting deer you will need one type of gear, for quail you will need another. If there are specific things you need, we will tell you. However, a basic rule of thumb is to bring along with you a gun that is able to shoot things far away. This means that you will need to ensure you have the best long range scope you can afford.

You will also want to consider bringing the ammunition that your gun needs, scent to disguise your own natural scent, a flashlight, a gun case, gloves, and seasonal clothing for your trip as well as an extra pair in case you get wet or the temperature drops. One thing that many people do choose to bring is a pair of binoculars to help them see things that are far away. This could improve your chances for a great hunt.

The Extras You May Consider Bringing

LongRangeRifleOne of the necessities that may also fit within the extras is a better scope for your rifle. If you are not sure that your scope is everything it should be, you may want to check out a Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 review. It has the ability to focus quickly and it will not be affected by fog as badly as other scopes.

Some people choose to bring a fanny pack or a small backpack along with them. It is recommended that you bring scent reduction bags for spare clothes, bottles of water and snacks, however none of these things are required. You may also choose to bring along with you a knife and some rope or even a tree stand. You may want to bring a camera with extra batteries and a cell phone. Keep in mind that while hunting, everything you bring along should be kept on silent modes.

When asking what to bring on your hunt, you should also keep in mind that you should bring the things that you personally will need for that day. This includes medications and other personal necessities that may or may not be involved in your personal hunting experiences. We look forward to a great day out, your comfort should be one of your primary considerations when packing.