Bring the Family Along, Even Baby!

Family CampingThere are many families that enjoy being in the great outdoors together. They enjoy the quiet moments that are free from smart phones and other distractions. It is a space that they are able to focus on one another while they enjoy hunting, hiking, and more. However, there are some families that stop enjoying these times together the moment that they have a newborn in their lives. This is very sad and we want to encourage families to bring the family along, even baby!

Every Outdoor Activity

In Ontario, there are people who enjoy hunting big and small game. There are families that believe that hunting together will ensure that they stay together. We say that regardless of what type of outdoor activity you want to enjoy, you can find it in our cabins, our forests, and in the surrounding lakes. We have worked hard to ensure that every member of every family will find their haven with us, even if they do not enjoy the traditional hunting and fishing that most of our visitors enjoy.

Our Cabins are Waiting

Our cabins are designed to be comfortable for all who are in them. It does not matter to us whether you are visiting as a single person, a group of friends, newlyweds, or families, we have everything we need to provide for you to enjoy it all. This is because we want to ensure that family time can become special. If you are a part of a family that enjoys various activities, you will find a cozy reading area, a place to write letters or the novel you have always wanted to write, or large tubs for you to spend a lazy afternoon while your infant naps and your partner is hunting. Thanks to the fact that we provide comfortable mattresses for adults, young and older children, and infant areas that are 100% safe, you can rest easy, even when you come to our cabins to enjoy just being lazy. We provide it all so that when you show up, you can always feel as though you are in your home away from home. Our space can become your happy place.

What Are You Waiting For?

Camo Crib BedEveryone knows that Ontario offers outstanding hunting and fishing experiences. Now, with a little help from us, your entire family can enjoy more than hunting or fishing. We used the Baby Comfort Authority guide on the top mattress for Graco Pack N Play to ensure your littlest family members will be safe and comfortable. We used the reviews for other high-quality websites to find other types of mattresses. When we were looking for couches, chairs, and other items that will provide comfort, we did the same type of things. We focused on what we could do for families. We wanted to provide for every need that they could have while they were visiting us and so far; we have not had any complaints about our efforts.