Cabin 1 Details

  • Floor Plan Codes:
  • B-Bedroom
  • B2-2nd Storey Bedroom
  • K-Kitchen
  • L-Living Room
  • D-Dining Room
  • W-Washroom
  • V-Veranda
  • P-Patio/Bar-B-Que Deck

This cabin is at 1000 square feet of living area. It can accommodate 8 with 2 washrooms, it also has a fully furnished kitchen with all the up-to-date appliances. It also has a barbeque on the patio deck, you can check out the river rounds out as well. This cabin is also the second largest cabin.

One of the most enchanting experiences is that, the dining nook has an overlooking view of the river; it provides a panoramic view of the sunrise for the guests. You can also check out the evening fishing activity while eating your dinner.

The dining nook also overlooks the river providing a panoramic view of the morning sunrise for early risers and a grandstand seat of the regular evening fishing activity that takes place infront of your cabin while you enjoy supper.

The cabins have 16 channel cable TV/VCR, coffee makers, toasters, linens, soaps and detergents, freezers and microwave ovens.

Rest assured every cabin has everything you need and are fully equipped. But have in mind that if you have a request, feel free to ask the staff, this is to ensure that all visitors will be comfortable as possible.

Our cabins also have a towel for the guest, but then some of the guest brings their own towels and their pillows too.

If you have some advices for our cabin, feel free to tell us, and we’ll do it for you.