Fishing Map

Due to the wide variety of structure throughout the system, fish can be found almost anywhere in the 5 lakes including Big Sand, Little Sand, Pistol, Gunn, & Roughrock as well as the many miles of the Winnipeg River itself.

Fish areas generally shift over the course of the season. The season starts with river channel fishing after the spring spawn, with the larger schools moving downriver into Big Sand Lake area from mid-June to mid-July. By September, most of these schools are widely dispersed, scattered in the larger lake bodies moving in a migratory pattern upriver.

River and lake features include mud and sand bottoms with a multitude of rock structure in both the river and lake areas. Targeting suspended schools of walleye over deep basins in both the river and lakes is a popular summer method. Sunken islands offer excellent structure fishing opportunities. Lindy rigging, jigging, long-line trolling or casting crankbaits as well as down-rigging all work here. We recommend starting with methods familiar to you but keep an open mind for alternative techniques if the action slows.

Ther are plenty of fish to pursue and as long as we practice selective harvest on the fish we intend to keep and let the bigger fish go, the fishing can get even better!