Getting to Our Camp

When people want to escape from their everyday life, there is no better way to do it than a complete escape. That is why our camps are located out in the middle of the woods, much further than other camps would ever attempt to be. It is great for the people who want to experience the best of the great outdoors, but for some, it is also a little tricky to figure out how people get to our camp and make it for the entire time.

About Our Camp

We are a campground that is located far away from civilization. It is a place where people can escape their day-to-day lives. Cell phone reception, computers, the internet, work, family, and all other things are virtually nonexistent to our environment. We do it so that people can truly get away from it all. It works and most of our guests are glad that they came to see us. The hardest part of it, though, according to most, is getting to our camp. It does require a lot of hiking and with that, it is not for the weak souls.Our Camp

Prepare for an Adventure

GearWith our remote location, we do not have any shops around us. This means that you will not be able to go out for a soda or other essentials. Therefore, we recommend that before you leave the world you know behind, you pack up enough food and toiletries to last you for the entire time that you plan to stay with us. For most people, that means bringing enough along to last them for a week. It also means that you should plan to bring along your 12V cooler to keep in your vehicle for supplies that you not able to carry within your smaller, backpack cooler. However, we think that if you shop around and do your research, having the best backpack cooler will be enough to carry food for the week and bottles of water for approximately that length of time as well.

What to Bring with You?

RepelBeyond your backpack cooler and larger vehicle cooler, we recommend that you bring everything you might need when you visit us. This means that you should bring several bottles of water, snack items and food that you may want to eat on days that you are not able to catch your dinner. You should also bring along medications that you or others within your group may need as well as other comfort items such as bug repellent, a first aid kit, soaps, deodorants, and other personal hygiene items. It depends on how many items you feel are necessary as to how many backpacks and other bags you will need to carry along. With walking most everywhere, we do also recommend good shoes and clothing that is adequate for the temperatures when you do decide to pay us a visit. Hunting and fishing gear, tents and sleeping bags, etc. are also something you will have to bring since we will not provide you with those items.

Even though it is a chore to get to our camp, we feel that once you are here, you will never want to leave us. Most people who visit are repeat visitors and we cannot be happier about giving them a true escape from the real world.