Securing Camp with A New Gate System

Safety is a primary concern for all businesses. We must also think about it in our hunting and fishing camp. However, it isn’t always just human safety that we must think about. We must also consider the safety of our wildlife since we want to know that it is reserved for our visitors. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into securing our camp with a new gate system.

Safety Comes First

No PoachingWe do not allow our visitors to be in danger at any time if we are able to prevent it. We work to make it a great experience for them. The families that come here know that they can relax and enjoy the hunt. As ironic as it may seem, we strive to protect our wildlife from certain dangers as well. As a hunting and fishing camp, we are located in the middle of nowhere. Our remote location makes us a prime target for all types of crime, but the one we hate the idea of the most is poaching. Poachers often target us because animals come to our lake for water and we do not mess with them when hunting season is over with so that they will feel safe.

The Measures We Go Through

Game FencingOur hunting and fishing camp has a large portion of it fenced in. This includes the area that goes near the roads and all along the sides of our property. Animals can still access it through the far end of our property. This has been a good way to prevent poachers and others who want to do wrong, but a fence isn’t enough. We quickly discovered that we would also need a gate system which would allow guests to come in freely, but could prevent others from simply driving up. At first, we used just a standard gate, but a lot of our visitors were not happy about having to open it to drive into the camp, but we didn’t feel safe enough if we left it open during most hours.

Our Solution to Safety

As a way to keep unwanted guests out, we decided to upgrade our gate with a new sliding gate that locks. Our guests no longer have to get out of their car when they pull up to the gate. We wanted to solve this problem for our guests while keeping our camp safe from outsiders. We looked at video cameras and motion detectors, solar gate systems, electric gate openers, gates that would swing out and those that would roll to the side and out of the way. Thanks to a new gate track from; we found our ideal solution and so far, visitors love it. They enjoy knowing that they can simply pull up, put in their code, and wait on the gate to roll smoothly out of the way. Those guests may not realize that the gate is there for their safety, but we are glad that we upgraded this very important feature.