The Gutless Wonder

In North America, the most uncontaminated, non-commercial food preparation, fish cleaning place is the Gutless Wonder.  When you clean your catch, constant water flush clean all the excess of the fish.

When you have finished one fish, all you have to do is drop the waste in the insinketator trash and you can immediately continue on the next one. After everything, a spray cleans the board, and then the next one is ready to use it.

This place was made for 3 years and still has ongoing design improvement as organized by our guest. Using a ¾ inch Teflon coated milled aluminum the 4 station table is made. On the other hand, the filet board’s material with Zero Percent absorption is same as the wrapping tables.

This facility is unique because of the following:

  • Right after everyone uses the table, It is a must to Spray the table. Rest assured there are not Odor and No Flies.
  • No chance for bacteria to settle in. No blood can be seen.
  • Their cleaning station is secluded. No one will be hurt if anyone accidentally slips the filet knife.
  • The Insikerator can be turned off easily from any station.
  • Own GFI plug is installed for electric knives in each station.
  • The building is designed for high pressure spray wash down.
  • The filet tray is movable to the wrapping tables after a spray down. In this case, there will be no bacteria that can build up.

Our Guarantee : Marcy will eat the fly, if you have found one in the area.